Let’s ‘Discover Thailand’ Together

Thailand has always been among Australia’s top five favourite international destinations during the last decade.

Besides the internationally renowned Bangkok, Phuket, Ko Samui, Pattaya, Chiang Mai and Kanchanaburi, there are many more destinations waiting to be explored.

In addition to these impressive destinations, what attract visitors to Thailand include its unique culture, its food and the friendly people.

Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has developed this ‘Discover Thailand’ Workshop as a platform where travel professionals can expand their knowledge of our amazing country.

The modules will provide answers to visitor’s FAQs – the best time to go, options of transport to and around, things to see and do, where to get reliable and up – to – date information and some travel tips. The modules will cover both Thailand’s popular attractions as well as the hidden gems.

It’s absolutely free to register and you can start & stop at any time, the program returns you to the point where you left off.

Current workshops are:
1. Introduction to Thailand & Bangkok
2. Thailand’s Coastal Holiday Destinations - Andaman Coast
3. Thailand's Coastal Holiday Destinations - Gulf of Thailand's West and East Coasts

Those agents who completed these workshops prior to 19th July 2015 are in the draw to win one of 20 spots on our August Famil to experience Thailand first hand visiting Bangkok, Trat and Pattaya.


Available Workshops